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Ever wondered what games the guys behind the counter enjoy in their off time? Wonder no longer! This is What We're Playing!

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Ben - Genesys: Shadow of the Beanstalk

Finally, Fantasy Flight Games has delivered a science fiction supplement to support their setting-neutral narrative RPG system, Genesys.

Shadow of the Beanstalk!

Based on FFG's Android universe but compatible for any science fiction setting, SotB offers extensive rules for character creation, setting creation, and mechanics like hacking, cybernetics, genetic modifications, and a favor exchange system! My players are having a blast! Balancing morality and the harsh reality that nobody survives the seedy metropolis of New Angeles without getting their hands dirty has been a real challenge for them when compared to the traditionally more stereotypical good and evil encounters in fantasy RPGs.

If you have never tried FFG's Genesys system and want to add a collaborative story-telling effort to your campaigns, I highly recommend giving it a go. I have ported every setting from fantasy to sci-fi to horror into the Genesys system, and every session is full of laughs, thrills, and chills. If you're curious about learning more, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm always up for a chat!

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Nick - Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition

I have been playing the new Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition with the new factions Galactic Republic and Separatist. X-Wing 2nd Edition has really stepped up their game with the streamlined game play along with awesome new mechanics for all the factions. Since the beginning of the game I have been waiting to play as Jedi Star Fighters and now I can, with Jedi like Anakin and Obi-Wan! Also playing as the bad guys and piloting the Sith Infiltrator as Darth Maul is really cool.

Fantasy Flight has done a great job making the new edition and staying true to the game. With all the new factions popping up they are really setting up a choice when it comes to making army lists for X-Wing. Also the app has been a huge help for making the lists of star fighters for the game. Even though you have to use the app it is still a lot better than rummaging though tons of cards to fit all your upgrades on the ships.

I would recommend X-Wing 2nd Edition to anyone who loves Star Wars and wants to try a new game. Even the seasoned players I would recommend the new ships to add to their collections. The more ships the better.

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Jeremy - Dungeon Mayhem

I'm constantly on the look out for fast, fun, and easy to learn games to share with my friends and family who are interested in board gaming, but who may be a little hesitant to jump into a 6 hour session of Twilight Imperium. Dungeon Mayhem checks all of these boxes. Dungeon Mayhem is an officially licensed D&D product that was created and played by the wonderful folks over at Wizards of the Coast.

It's a simple card game that has each of the players taking on the role of one of the four most well known classes of Dungeons and Dragons - Barbarian, Paladin, Wizard, and Rogue. Each player will have their own deck of cards and a hit point tracker. The object of the game? Be the last man (or woman) standing. You'll start with a 3 card hand and on your turn you will draw one card and play one. Some cards will allow you to damage other players, some will give you shields in order to absorb more hits without losing health, and some will let you play multiple cards in a single turn. The best cards, however, are the class specific special cards that have some pretty amazing game play implications. For instance, the Wizard's “Vampiric Touch” card allows you to trade hit points with any other player. Making it very clutch when you're about to die and another player is sitting at nearly full health!!

And that's it! Very easy to learn. It also has the added benefit of playing quickly, making it the perfect game to warm up for a longer gaming session or a palate cleanser between longer games, or just a quick way to kill 15 minutes. In conclusion, Dungeon Mayhem has definitely rolled a natural 20 for FUN!!    

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Corey - Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition

Pandemic has a special place in my heart as my gateway game. It introduced me to the broader world of board games beyond Monopoly or Clue, and started a whole new hobby for me. When Z-Man Games announced they were releasing a deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition, I preordered it the very same day. And it doesn’t disappoint!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pandemic (what? get down here and try it!), you play as an elite disease control team trying to prevent four deadly diseases from ravaging the globe, while also finding a cure for those diseases before it’s too late. Each player has a special ability based on their role, like Medic, Dispatcher, Scientist, Quarantine Specialist, and more. If a disease goes unchecked in one city for too long, it can outbreak into nearby cities, upping the danger and pushing the game ever closer to an unfortunate end.

Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition cranks it up to 11 with all new components including a new game board, petri dishes to store the new wooden disease cubes, sculpted miniatures instead of plastic pawns, new card backs and art, icons to denote each disease, and to top it off it all comes in a real metal (and real heavy too) first aid kit box with an organizer made to fit sleeved cards and all released expansions! Whew, that’s a lot.

For those new to the game and seasoned veterans alike, Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition is worth the buy, and is sure to be proudly featured among your collection.

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