What We're Playing!

Ever wondered what games the guys behind the counter enjoy in their off time? Wonder no longer! This is What We're Playing!

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Ben - Star Wars: Legion

This month, it's been all about Legion. As a gamer that loves painting and war games but hates assembling and massive army sizes, Star Wars: Legion has been the perfect balance. Legion lets me play with all my favorite Imperials (Vader is a beast) in a strategic war setting with plenty more iconic characters on the way (here's looking at you, Boba).

The starter box came with half of an entire army and I only needed a few more models to get to a full size army (which neatly fits in a shoe box). And this isn't some shoot 'em up war game, either. The gameplay forces you to make calculated tactical decisions based on specific goals within only six turns. If you've been looking for the perfect war game to blend hobby and strategy, I highly suggest giving Legion the old Jedi try!

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Nick - Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition

Recently I have been playing X-Wing Second Edition. Second Edition released last Thursday and is a major upgrade to an already great game. Fantasy Flight took everything that made the game great and fixed the things that either didn't make sense or were too overpowered.

One of the major changes to the game is the amount of points all the ships cost. Most ships doubled in points or were majorly changed. The point limit for games also changed from 100 to 200 points. Fantasy Flight Games also made an app to help with list building and keeping up with what all you own.

As far as the game play goes the game is smoother and less complicated. With the added phases it really makes the abilities matter and be more effective. My favorite part of the game is the replayability. Every time you play it you get a new experience and no game ever plays exactly the same again.

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Logan - Catch the Moon

Hello all! This go around for What We’re Playing I’m going with Catch The Moon! If you haven’t tried this super fun, super fast-paced, super easy to learn game, you’re missing out!

Reminiscent of the classic game of Jenga, this game amplifies the concept of stacking all the way up to an 11. Players must build their ladders as high as they can while facing challenges with each new ladder. This game is perfect for the board game night for family and friends.

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Corey - Patchwork

Patchwork is a two player tile placement game very reminiscent of Tetris, but in board game form! You have many oddly shaped tiles (patches) that you need to fit onto your quilt board in any way you can. Patches have buttons on them that count as currency during the game, and as victory points at the end. However, the best patches with the most buttons on them advance you toward the end of the game faster, leaving you less time to fill up your quilt! Empty spaces on your quilt during end-of-game scoring count heavily against you, so filling up those spots is crucial.

Players take turns buying patches for their quilt board using buttons, and advancing their time token toward the center of the time board, which triggers the end of the game. The player with the most points at the end wins! This simple to learn and easy to play two player game is quick and engaging, with stimulating strategy and forethought required. I definitely recommend anyone give this a try, and if you have even less time for gaming than the thirty minutes necessary for Patchwork, give Patchwork Express a shot!

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That's all this time around, but be sure to check back in next month for a glimpse into what's new, what's good, and What We're Playing!