January Newsletter - Three Year Anniversary, Age of Sigmar League, Rivals of Ixalan, and more!

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Three Year Anniversary Celebration!

We've reached our third year in this incredible hobby and community, and we want you to come help us celebrate! A love of board games is all that's required to enjoy a great night here with friends, so bring that and a few of your favorites (both friends and board games!) and hop right in to a big night of gaming!

We'll be ordering pizza, dishing out cake, and playing some of our absolute favorite board games! And what birthday would be complete without gifts? We're offering an extra $5 gift card to keep with every purchase of a $25 gift card for a friend!


Pokemon League Cup!

Pokemon League Cup tournaments give players an opportunity to earn Championship Points and practice their skills for larger competitions. No invitation or qualification is required; all players who have Trainer Club accounts and are in good standing with the Play! Pokemon rules are welcome to participate.

RuneWars Store Championship!

Rally your troops and prepare for battle - it's time for our RuneWars Store Championship! Take your shot at prizes and a first-round bye at a Regional Championship!

$15 gets you entry into a Swiss tournament to duke it out for glory!


Magic Masters Draft!

Whether you're a draft master, you draft with the masters, or you like to draft the Masters, we have a Masters Draft you won't want to miss!

Join us Saturday, January 6th during our three-year celebration for a special one-time only draft of three different Masters sets - Modern Masters 2017, Iconic Masters, and Eternal Masters!

Two-Headed Giant Commander!

Our Commander Banlist League is wrapping up, but not before a final wrap-up tournament though!

Grab a friend and get ready for a Two-Headed Giant Commander tournament! We'll randomly pair you with a partner in round one then let loose in Swiss for your cut of $200 in store credit!


Age of Sigmar Escalation League!

It's time for another Escalation League, and this time we're taking a trip to the Mortal Realms to battle for glory!

This league is designed for players of all skill levels to grow a new army, develop a better grasp of the rules, and overall enjoy a fun event for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The league will be on a twelve-week schedule, with rounds lasting two weeks. Players will select a single Grand Alliance and field an army from that Alliance for the duration of the event.

This league will run from 600 points to 1500 points. Entry is $20 and sign-ups will be open until the start of the league. All league participants will receive 15% off Warhammer and Citadel products for the duration of the league!


Final Fantasy TCG!

It's time to get another Final Fantasy TCG constructed tournament on the books. Get those decks together and join us for an Opus IV tournament!

$5 gets you into a Swiss tournament with rounds based on attendance where you'll duke it out with your fellow card-slingers for glory, recognition, and store credit!

Game of Thrones Store Championship!

Rally your bannermen, the time for victory is upon us! Join in on our 2017 Store Championship for Game of Thrones: The Living Card Game on January 27th at 2pm for a shot at exclusive prizes and a round-one bye at Regionals!


Ultra Prism Prerelease!

Pokemon Prerelease tournaments allow players to receive and play with cards from the upcoming Pokemon expansion two weeks before its official release date!

Join us Saturday, January 20th for our Ultra Prism Prerelease, and bring a friend Sunday, January 21st to face off against other trainer teams in our Team Battle Prerelease!

Dragon Ball Super!

We're doubling up this month on Dragon Ball Super tournaments! First, we'll start off with a draft using the new Draft Packs. $25 gets each player their portion of a draft pack and a leader card to get things started.

Later in the month, we're handing out more Tournament Packs for another constructed tournament!


Rivals of Ixalan!

Rivals of Ixalan is just around the corner, and we've got tons of events planned for it. Start out with our Magic Open House to teach your friends how to play Magic, then follow that up with a Prerelease the next weekend!


Get in as much drafting as you can handle on release weekend, then join our Starter League for some casual games against other league members. Finally, purchase a Bundle for free entry into our Super Sealed tournament!



We're giving you another chance to get your hands on the Invisible Jet Colossal with this 300-point modern age constructed tournament!

Suit up and break out your best Heroclix! $10 gets you into a Swiss tournament for the Invisible Jet and other great prizes!

Legend of the Five Rings!

With the Way of the Rings now under our belts, it's time to start firing up tournaments here at Top Tier!

$5 gets you entry into a Swiss tournament where you'll battle your peers for honor, glory, and store credit!


Warhammer 40k!

Grab your best models and get those dice ready to roll, because it's time for another Warhammer 40k tournament!

This ITC-sanctioned 2000pt tournament will pit you against your fellow 40k players for guts, glory, and store credit.

X-Wing Escalation League!

We've done this once before, but this time we're going big!

We're picking up right where we left off at 150 points and taking it all the way up to 240! Along the way, we should see some truly epic space battles!