Kingdomino - Game of the Month

Kingdomino is a mix between dominoes and a kingdom builder with a set-collecting element. Each player starts with a castle, then takes turns choosing tiles to add lands to their kingdom. The better tiles have higher numbers, and the higher the number of the tile you choose, the later in the next turn you’ll be able to choose your tile.

The object of the game is to connect as many of the same type of tile as you can, together with crown tiles that allow you to collect points, and end the game with the most points. But be careful which tiles you choose, because similar to dominoes you must connect a matching end of your new tile to your existing plot of land.

If you’re stuck with a type of land that you don’t already have (maybe because you chose the best tile last turn and ended up with the last pick this turn) that tile simply can’t be added to your kingdom, and you won’t get any points for it. Plan carefully, think ahead, and consider your opponent’s choices as well to ensure you rule the best kingdom!

Kingdomino is simple enough for children to learn and play, but with enough complexity to keep veterans coming back. It’s also super quick to pick up and get a game in, taking an average of 10-15 minutes including learning how to play your first time!

Kingdomino is our Game of the Month! Each Thursday night during our Board Game Night, we'll have this fantastic game set up and staff on hand to teach you how to play, so come on down to check it out and give it a go yourself!