What We're Playing!

Ever wondered what games the guys behind the counter enjoy in their off time? Wonder no longer! This is What We're Playing!


Ben - Unlock! Escape Adventures

Ever since College Town Escape Rooms ran a custom room for us at Top Tier last Valentine's Day, I've been hankering to find a similar experience with less legwork (What can I say? I'm lazy). So what do I find? Unlock! Escape Adventures. Boom. It's an escape room in a box, and I love it.

You have 60 minutes to solve a string of observation and logic-based puzzles via a deck of clues. Much like a real escape room, you begin (either alone or with up to five friends) in a “room” with a series of mysterious objects and a mission. A free downloadable App times you, gives hints when asked, and provides a space to enter each code you discover as you progress. Mistakes will be made of course, and what I love is the time penalties stacked upon you with too much guessing and not enough mental gymnastics. Each error cuts three minutes off your total clock, and once it hits zero, you lose. Buh-bye. Better luck next time.

But hey! No shame in that. I lost my first time, so we just fired it up and began anew. Unlock! currently has three adventures available, and I hear they're cooking up more, so check it out!

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Nick - RuneWars Miniatures Game

RuneWars is a game set in the Runebound universe, the same setting as Descent. The game is a fantasy miniature based army game where humans and undead battle over control of the battlefield and its riches! With later expansions that are coming in the next couple of months, elves and another mystery faction will be added to the game. The game has rank and file units as well as heroes, monsters, and all manner of other things used to fight over objectives or just outright kill your opponent.

Since I first saw the preview of the game a year ago I have been super excited to try this game. After owning and trying the game I was not disappointed in the least!  The game took everything I loved about Warhammer Fantasy and X-Wing and smashed it all together! From upgrades and heroes to rank and file combat.

Something that drew me to the game was the cool miniatures. I never liked any undead miniatures until I saw the Waiqar (undead faction). I had all of the box painted up and ready to go in under a few weeks. The flow of the game is very fast and easy which is another reason I love to play this game!  I love this game and can't wait for more expansions to add to it! I hope more people will try it out and get into the immense world of RuneWars!

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Corey - Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k is a miniatures wargame set in the far future of the year 40,000. Due to vast, galaxy-spanning conflicts between such factions as the Eldar, Space Marines, and Chaos Daemons, a seemingly eternal war rages across all of known space in the wreckage of civilization. 40k brings those battles to the tabletop for you to recreate with your friends. You can assemble, customize, and paint your models to your own liking, meaning no two armies are alike.

I’ve wanted to get started in 40k for a long time, but that price tag was always so daunting. Well, with the release of the new 8th edition ruleset we’re doing an escalation league that starts small (and cheap!) and allows me to build up my forces over time, so I figured there’s no time like the present. I started in miniatures with Guild Ball about a year and a half ago due to its low entry cost, small scale, and fun back-and-forth style of play. My experiences with Guild Ball have only strengthened my desire to play even more miniatures games, and this new edition of Warhammer 40k was the perfect opportunity to pick it up!

My first army is going to be Daemons of Tzeentch, the Chaos god. I was drawn to them because of their trickster nature and, to be honest, because the models just look great. Whether I stick with them or move on to completely different armies, I’m looking forward to many great games of 40k in my future!

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That's all this time around, but be sure to check back in next month for a glimpse into what's new, what's good, and What We're Playing!