December Newsletter - Standard PPTQ, Unstable Week, Pokemon League Challenge, and more!

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PPTQ Richmond!

PPTQ Richmond is here! Take your shot at an invite to the Regional Qualifier, and get your hands on $100 in store credit and a set of SDCC 2017 Planeswalkers! 

We have a player cap of 56 for this tournament. Please preregister here to reserve your spot!


Arkham Horror Invocation!

The Arkham Horror Card Game has introduced a new way to play: Invocations! 

Each player receives an alternate-art Daisy Walker card and token, and a gorgeously illustrated Eixodolon's Pet playmat!

Christmas Eve Eve Giveaway and Gaming!

In the spirit of the holidays, we want to show our appreciation for all of you!

We're hosting a gaming night, and firing off door prizes and raffles while you're here! Just enter our raffle then settle in with your favorite games.


L5R Way of the Rings!

Test your skills with your full decks against other players in preparation for competitive L5R events!

Top finishers from each clan will receive special extended art clan champion cards, while every participant will receive an exclusive commemorative pin depicting the five elemental rings.

Dragon Ball Super!

It's time to get another Dragon Ball Super tournament in the books! This time, we've got a kit with DBS Tournament Packs just for you!

Each participant will receive a Tournament Pack just for showing up, with Union Force booster packs and exclusive sleeves going out to our top three players.


Unstable Week!

Get ready to get wacky, because Unstable releases this week!

This is the first Un-set in 13 years, and we're celebrating with an entire week of Un-events to make sure this one doesn't pass by Unnoticed.

Starting with December 8-10, we're hosting an Unstable Un-Draft every day (using a special format - make sure you check it out!), and those who attend all three have the chance to win Holiday Promos - Thopter Pie Network and Goblin Sleigh Ride!

The fun doesn't stop there, because every Magic event next week will allow Un-Cards, including Standard, Commander, and Modern! But wait, there's more! We're also running an Un-League, where you build a 40-card deck using three boosters and play against other league members. Don't miss out!


1v1 Commander!

Ditch your Sol Rings and your Gaea's Cradles and get ready for some one-on-one Commander action! 

We are following the Magic Online 1v1 Commander rules, including the banlist, starting at 30 life, etc. 

Pokemon League Challenge!

Get started in the world of competitive Pokemon at League Challenges!

These small, entry-level tournaments are open to all ages and experience levels.


Final Fantasy Opus IV!

It's time to get our first Final Fantasy TCG constructed tournament on the books. Get those decks together and join us for an Opus IV tournament!

Duke it our with your fellow card-slingers for glory, recognition, and store credit!

Game of Thrones Melee!

It's time to play the Game of Thrones the way it's truly meant to be played. With all the backdoor politics, vicious backstabbing, and ephemeral alliances that entails.

That's right, it's time for a Melee tournament!


Magic Store Championship!

Become the reigning Top Tier Magic Champion at our Store Championship! Get your best Standard deck tuned and tested, and get ready to throw down!

Each participant will receive a foil full-art Ghalta, Primal Hunger from Rivals of Ixalan, and Top 8 will additionally receive a deck box featuring art from Rivals of Ixalan. Of course the Store Champion gets more than just bragging rights; they'll also get a Champion playmat with a map of Ixalan to go along with their booster box of Rivals of Ixalan (to be awarded on release)!