January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us at Top Tier Board Games!  It's a brand new year, and we're bringing brand new events!  Check out the details below:

- It's our birthday!  Join us Saturday night, January 7th for our birthday party!  We'll have cake, pizza, and tons of our favorite games!  Bring anything you feel like playing, because we'll be gaming all night!  And what's more, we'll be offering some gifts of our own!  Buy a $25 gift card for a friend and get a $5 gift card for yourself, for free!

- Magic players, the Aether Revolt prereleases are on the way!  Join us on January 13th through the 15th and get your hands on Aether Revolt early in a sealed deck tournament.  $30 to enter will get you a prerelease kit, entry into the tournament, and prize packs!  We are also offering our Ironman Challenge, which you can read more about HERE.

- Aether Revolt Release Week will start on Friday, January 20th with our regular $15 draft starting at 6pm.  January 21st mixes it up a bit though, with our Standard tournament switching to $25 Sealed Deck!  Four packs of Aether Revolt, two packs of Kaladesh, and four rounds of Swiss!  First place will walk away with a brand new bundle, so don't miss it!

- Warhammer players, January is the month for you!  We are starting not one but two Escalation leagues.  Age of Sigmar will be our beginner league, taking you from 250 points to 1000.  Our 40k league will be from 1000 to a jumbo-sized 2250 points.  Each league lasts twelve weeks and requires a game every two weeks.  Easy, laid back, and tons of fun!  If you're looking to get into the hobby, now's the time!

- Pokemon Trainers, Sun & Moon is coming!  Join us Saturday, January 28th at 11am for our Sun & Moon Prerelease!  $30 to enter gets you a building kit, four packs of Sun & Moon, and entry into the tournament.  Stay and play to get THREE more packs of Sun & Moon!  Don't miss out on your chance to get these new, awesome Pokemon!

- Game of Thrones players, raise your banners for the Chapter Pack tournament on January 28th!  Duke it out to claim a free copy of Tyrion's Chain when it releases!  Runners-up will receive store credit towards the purchase of the new chapter pack.  3 rounds of Swiss and starts at 2pm.  Be there!

- Clearance!  We have a clearance section now.  Space is getting a little tight, and we unfortunately can't keep every incredible game in stock.  Some have to go, and that's where the clearance section comes in!  Check our back gondola, labeled as "clearance" and pick up a game for 40% off!  It doesn't stack with any other discounts, but it's a great way to pick up a fantastic game you may not have on your radar.  Come in and check it out!