TCGPlayer Pricing Now In Effect

Santa's coming early to Top Tier, with our official announcement:  We are switching to TCG Player pricing for all card singles starting in 2017!  With this switch, we hope to save you money and help get more decks built for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Magic!  We will also be streamlining our buylist and store credit processes to get you as much for your cards as possible.

What's that mean for you?  We will be using "Market Price" value for all our singles, the "going rate" of cards in real-time!  Our cash buylist prices will also be changing in proportion to market price, with an on-average value of about 50%.  Want to trade in for store credit?  We'll offer an ADDITIONAL 25% bonus to the buylist price, for use on anything in the store!  Cards?  Check.  Entry fee?  Check.  The newest board game?  Check.

Our goal with this switch was to remove the complicated "trade credit" offer we had on hand.  Instead of juggling three different prices, we simply decided to beef up our store credit bonus to make it easier to weigh the two numbers against each other.  To this end, we will be phasing out trade credit in its current form.  Remaining trade credit will be redeemable against normal SCG prices until it has been zeroed out in our system.

Lastly, we want to work to reduce as much "turn away" on cards as possible.  This system will allow us to modify our buylist values to reflect quantity on hand and make an offer on a significantly larger amount of cards.