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Age of Sigmar Escalation League

This league is designed for players of all skill levels to grow a new army, develop a better grasp of the rules, and overall enjoy a fun event for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The league will be on a twelve-week schedule, with rounds lasting two weeks. Players will select a single Grand Alliance and field an army from that Alliance for the duration of the event. Army composition may change from round to round, but a player may not switch armies entirely.

This league will run from 1000 points to 2200 points. Entry is $20 and sign-ups will be open until the start of the league. All league participants will receive 15% off Warhammer and Citadel products for the duration of the league. 


Every round, matches will be played at the current point level. Pairings will be available the Monday following the close of a round on Challonge, and you will be paired against a similarly-ranked opponent. All results are due in by the Sunday of round end by midnight. Results must be reported to the employee on staff directly after the match has finished.

Round One - 1000pts: July 22nd - August 6th
Round Two - 1300pts: August 7th - August 20th
Round Three - 1600pts: August 21st - September 3rd
Round Four - 1900pts: September 4th - September 17th
Round Five - 2200pts: September 18th - October 1st
Round Six - 2200pts: October 2nd - October 15th


Matches in each round will add to your overall score. Match scoring is as follows:

Win - 3 points
Tie - 1 point
Loss - 0 points

In addition, points will be awarded on a hobby basis, with players scoring an additional point each for Completely Painted, Unified (Matching) Bases, and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

An additional 10 hobby points will be awarded to any player who creates and/or paints a thematically-consistent piece of terrain for the store. Terrain may be no more than 12" on any side to qualify.


Each round, the scenario to be used for all league games will be published to the Top Tier Wargaming Crew Facebook group. All scenarios will be played on a standard 4'x6' table.

Scenarios are considered to be Matched Play games with no army composition requirements. Simply make an army legal for the point level and play. Modified Pitched Battles will be the basis for each scenario.


Store credit and other prizes will be awarded based on the following categories in order. A winner from one category is ineligible to win from any further categories:
- Most Combat Points (Hobby Points Tiebreak)
- Most Hobby Points (Combat Points Tiebreak)
- Best Sport (voted)
- Most Improved (voted)