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Magic Starter League: Hour of Devastation

The Hour of Devastation Starter League is firing up here at Top Tier Board Games and promises to be a great introduction to Magic for new players!

We're looking forward to helping new players dip their toe into organized Magic with the MSL, and we want everyone to feel welcome! Bring a friend who is new to Magic to sign up for the league and we'll give you each the first week's booster pack FOR FREE!

We'll be meeting each Monday night, but pick-up games anytime you're in the store are a great way to fill up your match card!

- Open three boosters of Hour of Devastation and use the cards to build a 30-card deck.

- The league runs for four weeks, and each week players can add a new booster pack to their pool. Rebuild as often as you'd like!

- Play best-of-one games against other players in the league and record your results on your Match Card. After three losses you can also buy a "buff booster" to give you an edge against the competition.

- Earn planeswalker points, bragging rights, and participation promos!

Entry: $15 for First Three Boosters
Duration: Monday, July 17th - Monday August 7th
Format: League Sealed / Best-of-One Matches

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