Dungeons & Dragons


In fantasy themed roleplaying games like D&D and Pathfinder, you create a persona and live his or her story. Are you a local hero who's fallen on hard times? A young orphan hoping to make a name for yourself? Maybe just an average Joe who discovered some secret power and now the only choice is how to use it. For good? Or more nefarious purposes?

No matter the choice, you control your destiny and forge relationships while seeking your fortune in a world both fascinating and treacherous. Are there battles? Sure. But role-playing is far more than that. It's why you fight and who you defend that truly matters. It's choice.

No matter if you choose to save the world or endeavor to destroy it or anything in between, your choices matter. They tell a story to be remembered.

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Star Wars


We've all seen the movies, but why not live them? The Star Wars Roleplaying Game creates a cinematic environment where story-telling trumps everything. Its interpretative dice-rolling system fosters cooperation and explanation for how each success or failure is enacted, be it through an empty power cell, a faulty blaster, or even pure, fool luck.

This game offers different settings in which characters work together to advance unique, personalized characters through a war torn galaxy fraught with peril. Whether you choose Sith or Jedi, hire gun or rebel ace, or any of the myriad character choices available, you and your party hold the fate and story of the galaxy in your hands.



"It seemed like such a good idea at the time."  Inspired by movies such as Burn After Reading, Fargo, and Pineapple Express, Fiasco puts you in control of a character with powerful ambition and poor impulse control. 

Decide with your friends to set the scene, then improv your way through some of the most hair-brained schemes your character can come up with.  Playable in two hours, this roleplaying game is unique in that it requires no Game Master - everyone is a player!  

Fiasco is supported by additional free "playset of the month" downloads available from the creator's website so the fun never stops!

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