Warhammer 40K


Warhammer 40,000 is a science-fiction miniature wargame that takes place in the 41st millenium. Several alien races are at war within the universe for various reasons -- dominance, glory or simply survival. Each race has a unique story, appearance, and fighting techniques.

Players can assemble and paint miniature figures that represent the futuristic soldiers, creatures, and vehicles of war for their chosen race. Your armies battle against those of another player in deadly scenarios that may include skirmishes and/or defending objectives.

Do you have the strength to survive this dystopian universe?

Star Wars X-Wing


Scramble your X-Wings or TIE Fighters with Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures.  Bring the dogfights of the rebellion to your tabletop with your own custom squadron of ships from throughout the series and extended universe.  Take sides as an Imperial or a member of the Rebellion, or prey on the war as a band of bounty hunters, pirates and more with the Scum & Villainy faction expansion. 

X-Wing Minis uses pre-measured range rulers and movement dials to keep you locked into the battle, with upgrade cards and attack dice to constantly keep your opponent on their toes. 

X-Wing Minis is a great introduction to miniature games for the whole family.


Heroclix is a comic-book themed miniatures game. You command a team of superheroes or supervillians against your opponent's team.  Pit Avengers against the X-Men, The Legion of Doom against The Flash, or D.C. versus Marvel. Maneuver your team across the battle field and outwit your opponent using your special abilities and tactics.

Simple and intuitive, this game features a "damage dial" system for tracking character's stats and health.  Take a hit?  Lose a click. HeroClix is great for all ages, but can take some serious skill to master!