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Draft Box 4 Tournament

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We have weekly constructed tournaments, but now it's time to get another Dragon Ball Super draft on the books!

First, you may be wondering what a draft is and how it works. A draft is a game format in which players open fresh boosters, take cards from them in an orderly fashion, then compete with each other using decks built from those cards. Here's the rundown:

Each player will pay $25 to receive their portion of the draft box, including 6 boosters and a leader card to help jumpstart their deck. Then all four players take their specified boosters for the draft, and sit in a circle in a randomly chosen order. Each player opens their first booster and takes a card of their choosing from it, and passes the remaining cards face-down to the player to their left. Repeat until all cards have been drafted. Once all the cards have been drafted from the first pack, repeat the process with each pack until all cards from all packs have been drafted, alternating the direction that packs are passed between each booster (i.e. left-right-left-right-left-right).

After the draft, players use their cards to construct a 51-card deck with 50 Battle/Extra Cards and a Leader Card, then throw down in a round robin or swiss tournament to determine the victor!

We will be using this document for the basis of this draft:

Entry: $25
Start: 1pm
Format: Draft / Round Robin or Swiss / Best of One Matches
- 1st: Sleeve Set
- Participation: Tournament Packs
- 1 Pack in Prize Pool per Player

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