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Kill Team Escalation League

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Warhammer 40k: Kill Team looks like it's sticking around for good, so let's get another league under our belts! This league will run for 12 weeks, with rounds lasting one week each, and will follow the rules for a Kill Team Campaign listed in the back of the Core Rules, with some modifications listed below. In addition, players will fill out a campaign record card after each round that will be kept by staff in order to track Victory Points, models killed, etc.

Entry for the league will cost $15 and will be open until the start of the league, and all participants will receive 15% off all Games Workshop and Citadel products for the duration. Teams must follow composition rules according to the round number and the expansions that may be used (listed below in Schedule).

The most common method for players to contact each other is through Facebook in our group Top Tier Wargaming Crew, or through private message.

Players will start the campaign with 8 of each resource, and will receive a campaign card each month to track their progress in the campaign. Reference the Kill Team Core Manual for full instructions on the impact of each mission on a player's resources, as well as additional rules for upgrading units, casualties, and more. When a player completes a game during a round, their resources will be adjusted and a stamp given indicating that their game was played. Note: Only one game per week will be allowed to contribute to a player's standing in the league. Players may choose to play up to one game ahead of the current round number in order to allow some flexibility for scheduling issues, but may not fall behind. Each Monday for the duration of the league will be the start of a new round, and will preclude players from playing games for any previous weeks at that time.

If a player misses a round, they will lose two resources of their choice, then continue to play in subsequent rounds. Once a player loses all of a single resource, they become a Guerilla faction that can no longer lose resources, but is still eligible for the Most Victory Points prize.


Each round will have an increasing number of points allowed in an army, and will periodically allow different expansions to be used. Each round will last one week starting on Monday and ending the following Sunday, with the full league lasting 12 weeks. Round one will start Monday, August 19th. The results of a game must be reported immediately after for recording on each player's Resource card, as well as a Campaign Record that will be kept by staff.

Week 1 (Aug. 19th - 25th): 100 pts, Core rules only
Week 2: 105 pts, Core rules only
Week 3: 110 pts, Core rules only
Week 4 (Sep. 9th - 15th): 120 pts, Core and Arena
Week 5: 125 pts, Core and Arena
Week 6: 135 pts, Core and Arena
Week 7 (Sep. 30th - Oct. 6th): 145 pts, Core, Arena, and Elite
Week 8: 150 pts, Core, Arena, and Elite
Week 9 (Oct. 14th - 20th): 165 pts, Core and Elite
Week 10: 185 pts, Core and Elite
Week 11 (Oct. 28th - Nov. 3rd): 200 pts, Core, Commanders, and Elite
Week 12 (Nov. 4th - Nov. 10th): 200 pts, Core, Arena, Commanders, and Elite

Only rules from Core, Arena, Commanders, Elite, Rogue Trader, and Blackstone Fortress may be used during the league. Sub-faction traits (not cards) may be used in non-Elite rounds as well.


Players will receive a Kill Team Dice Pack in Round One, as well as a set of tactics cards.

At the end of each 4 weeks, prizes will be awarded to players as laid out below:

End of Week 4
Most Resources: Bronze Medal
Most Victory Points: Bronze Medal
Participation: 1x Kill Team Dice Pack
Additionally, each player will then receive a new Resource card for weeks 5-12.

End of Week 8
Most Resources: Silver Medal
Most Victory Points: Silver Medal
Participation: Set of acrylic Objective Markers

End of Week 12
Most Resources: Gold Medal
Most Victory Points: Gold Medal
Participation: Dice Bag with Kill Team Logo

Additional prizes will be rewarded at the end of the league as follows:

Most Resources: Store Credit and choice of GW product up to $50*
Most Victory Points: Store credit and choice of GW product up to $50*
Best Sport (voted): Store credit and choice of GW product up to $25*
Most Improved (voted): Store credit and choice of GW product up to $25*
Best Painted (voted): Store Credit
Most Models Killed: Store Credit
Fewest Models Dead: Store credit

*some exceptions apply, e.g. limited edition, online-only, etc.

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