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Competitive Commander (Regular Banlist)

Competitive Commander Event Image New MC.jpg

Our Construct-ion rules for Monday Night Commander have lead to High numbers of players every week. Sometimes we still get the itch to Lord our Affinity for broken combos and devious Artifice over our peers. It's time to play CommandUr-Za way it was intended with Competitive Commander!

There will be a separate sign-up for this event, and it will not replace our weekly Commander tournament, but will otherwise follow the same rules. $5 entry into pods of 3-5, earn $5 store credit per knockout, with the option for a winner's pod at 16 players.

The banlist for this tournament can be found on the following page. Note: "Un-cards" will not be legal.

Entry: $5
Start: 6pm
Format: Commander
Prizes: $5 Store Credit per Knockout

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Later Event: July 11
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