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Defend the City Playtest Event

Defend the City Playtest Event Image MC.jpg

The year is 2045. Everything is as it should be. That is until an earthquake happens just outside of Big City, awakening ancient monsters resting beneath the Planet’s surface. Luckily, Big City is not unprepared. Each of its five sectors has a commander to defend it and all five must come together to take down the monsters, one by one.

Defend the City is a cooperative card game where players act as the Big City commanders, working together to develop strategies and assemble the best possible robot to face each monster. Defeat all the monsters without damaging the city to win the game. Are you up to the challenge?

Help shape the future of an upcoming board game with your feedback at this Defend the City Playtest Event! This is your opportunity to try out a new game, meet the creators, and give direct comments on what you liked and what could be improved. We'll see you there!

Interested in creating your own board game? Take a look at The White Box while you're here! It's a board game design workshop in a box and it's got everything you need to get started on the road to bringing your own ideas to life!

Start: Noon
Entry: Free!

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