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Brawl Tournament

Brawl Tournament Event Image New MC.jpg

War of the Spark brought with it a whole slew of potential new commanders, so it's time to suit up and get them into the action with a Brawl Tournament!

Build a deck using the construction rules outlined in the link below to battle it out after our normal Monday Night Commander tournament! $5 entry gets you into a pod of 3-5, where you'll receive $5 store credit per knockout.

Any participants in Monday Night Commander who win their pod get free entry to the Brawl tournament should they choose to join! The tournament will begin at 8pm or the end of the 1st round timer for Commander.

Note: Sorcerous Spyglass is banned in Brawl.

Entry: $5
Start: 8pm (or end of the first round of Commander)
Format: Brawl
Prizes: $5 per knockout