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Free RPG Day 2019

FRPGD 2019 Event Image MC.jpg

Free RPG Day for 2019 is here! Check out all the free stuff we'll have to offer over at!

Drop by for some free swag and join a session while you're at it! Whether you're a grizzled RPG veteran from the days of AD&D or curious about playing for the first time, Free RPG Day is great for all experience levels.

This year, we're running a multi-table Dungeons & Dragons Epic Module! The hunt for the cache of dragons has attracted ne’er-do-wells and fortune seekers to Waterdeep from far and wide, and the local gangs are not about to let such a bounty of talent go to waste. Team up against other groups of adventurers to bring the most glory (and loot!) to your faction. Earn Boons during your adventures that can be gifted to other groups to help them out, or Banes to set them back a step!

Feel free to start up your own group of your favored system any time during the day as well!

Entry: Free!
Start: Epic Event - 1pm

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