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Planeswalker Weekend - Rainbow Walker Draft

WAR Planeswalker Weekend Event Image New MC.jpg

Planeswalker Weekend for War of the Spark is right around the corner, and features a special rule for draft - cast planeswalkers with any color of mana!

Load up on Planeswalkers in the draft (one in every pack!) and go wild! Other deck construction rules apply as normal, and non-Planeswalkers must still be cast with the appropriate mana.

First place will receive a Champion playmat, and all participants will receive a promo Time Wipe or Karn's Bastion and a Planeswalker sticker of their choice, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players who finish 2-1 or better will get their choice of another promo as well!

Entry: $15

Start: 2pm

Format: Rainbow Walker Draft / Swiss

Prizes: Champion Playmat / Promo Time Wipe or Karn's Bastion / Planeswalker Stickers / Store Credit Based on Attendance / Additional Promos to Top Finishers