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$10 Omniscience Draft - You Pick the Set!

Omniscience Draft Event Image MC.jpg

Looking for a little shake-up in your Friday night drafting routine ahead of War of the Spark Prerelease? Try Omniscience Draft, where you can cast spells for free all game!

Here's how it works: you may cast any number of spells from your hand without paying their mana costs, and once each turn you may choose to add one mana of each color to your mana pool. That mana leaves your pool when steps and phases end. Your deck must still contain 40 cards as normal, but your opening hand is three cards instead of the usual seven.

We'll let you pick which set to draft for the occasion, and the best part - it's only $10! We'll have Swiss rounds based on attendance and pay out in store credit and FNM promos.

Entry: $10
Start: 6pm
Format: Omniscience Draft / Voted Set / Swiss
Prizes: Store Credit Based on Attendance to 2-1 or Better / FNM Promos

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