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Miniatures Paint N' Take

Paint N' Take Event Image MC.jpg

It's Paint & Take Day! Newbies, vets, and the curious are all welcome to come in and paint some models! We'll be opening a few starter boxes and extra models. Put them together (or grab an already-built one) and slap some paint on it! We will have teachers offering tips and tricks for how to paint, and giving advice on color schemes. It's a great day for wargamers and RPG players alike to bring some extra flair to their tabletop!

Any participants in the Paint N Take will receive 15% off any Citadel paint supplies or Warhammer models. Interested in getting started?
Bring a friend and buy a Start Collecting box each and we'll give you another $15 EACH to spend on any models, brushes, or paints you may need to dive in head-first into this awesome hobby! That's a great deal, so don't miss out!

Entry: Free!
Start: Noon