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Godsforge Advance Demo

Godsforge Advance Demo Event Image MC.jpg

Godsforge is a new multiplayer simultaneous-action card and dice game from Atlas Games that promises fast, strategic play for multiple playstyles. While the game releases in May, we've received an advance copy to demo in store a full month early!

From the publisher:

In Godsforge, you are an elite spellcaster. You roll, re-roll, group, and combine dice whose results channel the crucial elements you need to summon creations and cast sorceries from your cards. Godsforge features simultaneous play. All players roll their dice, craft their spells, and launch their attacks at the same time. There’s no downtime — everyone’s always playing. Multiplayer conflict is straightforward. All players attack to their left and defend to their right to avoid king-making. A perfectly balanced power ramp ensures that each player’s forces rise dramatically to a climactic endgame. Endgame conditions bring the game to a swift end as soon as any player dies. Eliminated players get right back into the next game’s action, no waiting.

Come on down and check out the new hotness before anyone else, during our regularly scheduled Board Game Night! Attendees who preorder Godsforge at the demo will receive 10% off as well!

Entry: Free!
Start: 6pm