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Destroyer Kings Prerelease - Dragon Ball Super

DBS Destroyer Kings Prerelease Event Image MC.jpg

Destoyer Kings is just around the corner, and we've got early access! Join us for our prerelease and a chance to buy packs and starter decks early!

Entry is $35 to receive two Special Pack Sets (8 boosters), 2 PR cards, a participation prize, then build a sealed deck from those! We'll also have a Tournament Kit in the prize pool as well.

Entry: $35
Start: 1pm
Format: Destroyer Kings Sealed / Swiss
-1st: 4x Tournament Pack, 1st Place BCC App Points, Choice of Deckbox, Sleeves
-2nd: 3x Tournament Pack, 2nd Place BCC App Points, Deckbox
-3rd: 2x Tournament Pack, 3rd Place BCC App Points
-Random: 1x Tournament Pack
-Participation: 1x Tournament Pack, BCC Promo, Participation BCC App Points