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Pantheon Playtest Event

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Help shape the future of an upcoming board game with your feedback at this Pantheon Playtest Event! This is your opportunity to try out a new game, meet the creators, and give direct comments on what you liked and what could be improved. We'll see you there!

Welcome to Panthea, home of the almighty and the all but forgotten. Gods and goddesses from across the world end up here when those who once worshipped them turn their gaze to something new. The landscape is littered with crumbled ruins of the mightiest heavens and hells the world has ever known. It is here that the heroes of antiquity continue to battle for glory, for honor, and the right to claim themselves the most powerful to ever exist.

Pantheon is a fast paced, strategy based card/board game for two players. You choose a god or goddess as your champion and battle using a unique combat system where you pick and play five spells from a pool of twenty-five spell each round until your opponent is defeated. Plan your spells carefully, for your opponent also has access to same spells you do. The playing field is level, but with sound strategy and a bit of favor you can outwit your opponent and win the day. May Athena light your way!

Interested in creating your own board game? Take a look at The White Box while you're here! It's a board game design workshop in a box and it's got everything you need to get started on the road to bringing your own ideas to life!

Start: 2pm
Entry: Free!

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