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Star Wars Legion Narrative League

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Welcome to our second Star Wars Legion league! This time, we're at full strength, and we'll be battling for victory using the Silent Hail event outline!

$5 gets you entry into the league, as well as 10% off all Legion products for the duration of the league. This league will be structured a bit differently from our previous league. Sign up in pairs, and you'll play against the same opponent for all four rounds of the league. If you do not wish to sign up with a partner, you may enter and be paired randomly against another participant, though we strongly recommend that you sign up with another player. If you need help connecting with other Legion players, our Facebook group TTBG Star Wars Legion is a good place to do so.

This league will not be normal games either. As the rounds progress, your results from the previous game will affect your subsequent games, leading to different conditions or objectives. This could give an edge to a flagging player...or an unintentional advantage to the player in the lead!

There will be four rounds, with each round lasting two weeks. Each round will be played with an 800 point maximum army. Every participant will receive their choice of Rebel or Empire metal Commander Token, and a full art Rebel Trooper or Stormtrooper Personnel card. At the end of the league, players may post pictures of painted commander and a painted corps unit for consideration to be voted Best Painted in each category. In addition, any player whose army is fully painted and based in each round at the time it is played, and who is undefeated at the end of the league, will win the Flawless Victory award!


Win: 2 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points
Fully Painted/Based: 1 point

Matches must be reported to the employee on staff after completing them.


Round One: August 13th - August 26th
Round Two: August 27th - September 9th
Round Three: September 10th - September 23rd
Round Four: September 24th - October 7th

The pdf containing the outline for each round is linked below:

Entry: $5
Start: August 13th
Format: Silent Hail Rivals League
-Best Painted Commander
-Best Painted Corps Unit
-Flawless Victory
-Participation: Rebel or Empire Metal Commander Token / Rebel Trooper or Stormtrooper Personnel Card

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