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$30 Modern PPTQ - Win a Playset of Fetchlands!

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Modern PPTQ season is finally back! Take your shot at an invite to the Regional Qualifier, and a huge stack of prizes!

1st place will receive not only the RPTQ invite, but a playset each of all 5 enemy-color fetchlands! Then second place gets a playset each of the 5 ally-color fetchlands! On top of that, we're putting three packs in the pool for 3rd-8th place, so bring your best and get ready to throw down!

We have a player cap of 56 for this tournament. Please preregister at the link below to reserve your spot! Preregistration closes on Friday, July 20th at 11:59pm.

PPTQs are run at Competitive REL and as such are held to a higher standard of play. Decklists will be required. Blank decklists and lifepads will be provided for free.

Entry: $30
Start: 10am Day-Of Registration / Round One at Noon
Format: Modern / Swiss / Cut to Top 8
1st: 4x Scalding Tarn, 4x Marsh Flats, 4x Verdant Catacombs, 4x Arid Mesa, 4x Misty Rainforest, RPTQ Invite

Second: 4x Flooded Strand, 4x Bloodstained Mire, 4x Polluted Delta, 4x Windswept Heath, 4x Wooded Foothills

3rd - 8th: Packs Based on Attendance