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Battlebond Launch Weekend

Battlebond Launch Event Image MC.jpg

Magic is getting an all new way to play - Battlebond! This special set is designed specifically for Two-Headed Giant Draft and Sealed, and it looks like it's going to be a blast!

Next, for Battlebond Launch Weekend, is Two-Headed Giant Draft! Here's how it works. Players bring a friend and sign up in teams. Teams assemble into draft pods, with teammates sitting next to each other. Each team will then receive four packs (two packs per player). After opening the first pack, two cards will be chosen by the team (one card per player), and the pack will be passed to the team on the left of them. This process continues until all cards have been drafted from the pack, then the entire process is repeated with each of the remaining packs, except that the drafting direction changes for each pack (packs will be passed left-right-left-right). Afterward, teams will face off in three Swiss rounds to determine a winner!

Entry: $10 per Player / $20 per Team
Start: 1pm
Format: Two-Headed Giant Draft / Swiss
Prizes: Store Credit Based on Attendance

Earlier Event: June 9
Battlebond Launch Weekend
Later Event: June 16
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