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Final Fantasy Opus V Prerelease

Final Fantasy TCG Event Image MC.png

Opus V of the Final Fantasy TCG releases March 23rd, but you can get your hands on the set right here at Top Tier a week early!

This exciting new expansion will feature many other characters from your favorite Final Fantasy titles, and you'll also have the chance to secure an exclusive limited edition Lightning promo card!

This event will be Simplified Sealed format as described in the Organized Play Document linked below:

-6 boosters per player
-Backups can be played using CP of any colour (Unless if there is a specific colour required in the card’s instructions. Forwards must still have at least 1 CP of their element paid as part of their cost).
-Flow of the game:
1. Each player should open their 6 boosters to create their “card pool”.
2. They should then build a deck using only the cards in their “card pool”.
3. Players should then participate in the tournament using the decks they have built.

Players participating in the event will receive an exclusive Pre-Release Kit containing the following items:

-6 Opus V Booster Packs
-An exclusive Lightning Promo Card
-An excluxive pack of sleeves, featuring the Scions of the Seventh Dawn from Final Fantasy XIV!

Entry: $35
Start: 1pm
Format: Simplified Sealed / Swiss
Prizes: Sleeves / Promo: Foil Lightning Card

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