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Star Wars Legion Escalation League

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Welcome to our next Star Wars Legion league! This time, we're escalating points again, and we'll be battling for victory using the Massing Superiority event outline!

$15 gets you entry into the league, as well as 10% off all Legion products for the duration of the league. In addition, players will receive special full art unit cards, and acrylic ion, aim, and suppression tokens after playing their third game! There will also be a prize for Best Painted Special Forces Unit, so be sure to brush up on your miniature painting skills!

League Structure

This league will run from 400 to 1000 points. Sign-ups will be open until the start of the league. Each player must provide a reliable method of contact upon signing up so that opponents may coordinate times to play each other.


Every round, matches will be played at the current point level. Pairings will be available the Monday following the close of a round on Challonge, and you will be paired against a similarly-ranked opponent. All results are due in by the Sunday of round end by midnight. Results must be reported to the employee on staff directly after the match has finished. 

NOTE: There will be no make-up rounds in this league. All matches must be completed and reported by the Sunday of round end. Players may forfeit matches to have their opponent receive full combat points, and either player may bring their army for the round to the store to be inspected by the employee on staff and receive applicable hobby points. If neither player wishes to concede, the match will be considered a tie, with each player receiving one combat point.

Any league participant who does not play their match for two rounds in a row will dropped from the league without refund.

Round One - 400pts: November 5th - November 18th

Round Two - 600pts: November 26th - December 9th

Round Three - 800pts: December 10th - December 23rd

Round Four - 1000pts: December 24th - January 13th

Round One will be played on a 3'x3' area, while Rounds Two through Four will be played on a 3'x6' area.

*Note that Rounds Two and Four last three weeks due to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday season traveling.


Matches in each round will add to your overall score. Match scoring is as follows:

Win - 3 points
Tie - 1 point
Loss - 0 points

In addition, points will be awarded on a hobby basis, with players scoring an additional point each for Completely Painted and Unified (Matching) Bases.

Entry: $15
Start: November 5th
Format: Massing Superiority League
Store credit and other prizes will be awarded based on the following categories in order. A winner from one category is ineligible to win from any further categories, with the exception of Best Painted Special Forces Unit which may overlap with any other category:
- Most Combat Points (Hobby Points Tiebreak)
- Most Hobby Points (Combat Points Tiebreak)
- Best Painted Special Forces Unit (voted)
- Best Sport (voted)
- Most Improved (voted)

All participants will receive full art unit cards of their choice for signing up, and some combination of acrylic ion, aim, and suppression tokens after their third game.

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