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$30 Standard PPTQ - Win a Playset of Shocklands!

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The PPTQ is no more, and for our last at Top Tier we want to go out with a bang! Take your shot at an invite to the Regional Qualifier, and a stack of prizes!

1st place will receive not only the RPTQ invite, but a playset each of all 10 shocklands! Then second place gets a booster box of their choice and a foil Sacred Foundry from the original Ravnica set! On top of that, we're putting three packs in the pool per player for 3rd-8th place, so bring your best and get ready to throw down!

We have a player cap of 56 for this tournament. Please preregister at the link below to reserve your spot! Preregistration closes on Friday, November 9th at 11:59pm.

PPTQs are run at Competitive REL and as such are held to a higher standard of play. Decklists will be required. Blank decklists and lifepads will be provided for free.

Entry: $30
Start: 10am Day-Of Registration / Round One at Noon
Format: Standard / Swiss / Cut to Top 8
1st: 4x Sacred Foundry, 4x Steam Vents, 4x Overgrown Tomb, 4x Watery Grave, 4x Temple Garden, 4x Hallowed Fountain, 4x Blood Crypt, 4x Stomping Ground, 4x Breeding Pool, 4x Godless Shrine
RPTQ Invite

2nd: Choice of Booster Box
Foil Original Ravnica Sacred Foundry

3rd - 8th: Packs Based on Attendance

Earlier Event: November 9
Boards & Brews
Later Event: November 10
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