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Two-Headed Giant Commander Tournament

2HG Commander Tournament Event Image.png

Our Commander Banlist League is wrapping up. We've bartered, begged, and ultimately banned many cards, but all good things must come to an end. Not before a final wrap-up tournament though!

Grab a friend and get ready for a Two-Headed Giant Commander tournament! Here's the rundown:

Partners will be randomly assigned before round one (and maintained throughout the tournament), and we'll be following normal 2HG rules with a few exceptions. Each team will start the game with 60 life. If a single commander deals 21 damage to a team, they lose the game. If a team has 15 poison counters, they lose the game. This tournament will consist of swiss rounds based on attendance, with a 1.5 hour timer for each round. At end of round, teams will have 3 additional rounds instead of the normal 5. Allowed cards will follow the Monday Night Commander banlist.

We're putting $200 in store credit in the prize pool for the top two teams! That's $120 to first place and $80 to second! And if you've already paid your way into the Banlist League Part 2, your entry is covered.

Entry: $10 / Free for Pre-paid League Members
Start: 4pm
Format: 2HG Commander / Swiss
Prizes: $200 Store Credit Split Between 1st and 2nd Place

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