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$30 Modern PPTQ Bilbao - Win a Playset of Fetchlands!

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PPTQ Bilbao is here, and with it comes the return of the Modern Pro Tour! This is our first Modern PPTQ in a year, and we're bringing it back in a big way.

First place is getting a playset of ALL 10 FETCHLANDS! That's a playset each of all 5 MM17 fetches and all 5 KTK fetches. And on top of that, two packs of Modern Masters 2017 are going into the prize pool per entrant! You don't want to miss this one, so dust off your Tarmogoyfs and your Snapcaster Mages, and get ready for some Modern!

Entry: $30
Start: 11am Registration, Player Meeting and Round One at Noon
Format: Modern / Swiss Rounds Based on Attendance / Cut to Top 8
Prizes: Playset of All 10 Fetchlands and RPTQ Invite to First Place / 2 MM17 Packs per Entry into Prize Support Paid Out to Top 8

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