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$10 X-Wing Draft Tournament

We're shaking things up this time with an X-Wing Draft Tournament!

X-Wing Draft Format:

X-Wing Draft is a limited format where each player will draft pilots in order to construct their squad instead of bringing a preconstructed 100 point list.
1. Players may pick any ship regardless of faction to comprise their squad.
2. The first round of the draft will have a random pick order assigned to everyone.
3. Starting with the first player everyone will draft any pilot that is available.
4. Once a pilot has been drafted to a player’s squad no other player may draft that pilot so for the purposes of this format every pilot is basically unique. For example if a player selected an Academy pilot that card will be removed from the table and no other player may select that pilot.
5. Each pick after the first round will be based on the total squad points each player has from previous picks.
6. The player with the lowest number of squad points will draft next and may draft as many ships as necessary so they are no longer the lowest squad total. If point totals are tied. Whoever has fewer ships picks. If still tied whoever has had the most recent pick gets to pick
7. Pilot selection will continue this way until all players feel they have drafted enough points to make a squad under 100 points. Players may stop drafting whenever they choose. If you only want to draft 2 ships and use a bunch of upgrades that is your option. You must play every ship you draft though.
8. Once the draft is completed players may add any number of upgrades from their collection to the ships they drafted. All upgrades must still follow any ship or faction requirements and your squad must be 100 points or less.

After that, we'll battle it out in swiss rounds based on attendance for glory, store credit, and promos! Pilots and ships will be supplied, but upgrades must be brought from your own collection.

Entry: $10
Start: 12pm
Format: X-Wing Draft
Prizes: Store Credit Based on Attendance / First and Second Omega Leader Promo or Focus Tokens / Attendance Promo: Crack Shot

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