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Commander Banlist League Part II

Welcome to the second iteration and continuation of the Commander Banlist League (CBL)! Help shape the banlist for Commander at Top Tier Board Games by submitting and voting on cards! 

This new league will take place on Monday nights for 6 months. Any player who wants the ability to vote must buy in with a $10 entry fee that also covers your entry into an end-of-league tournament. Players may choose to buy in at any point during the league, but will not be able to vote on any cards banned or unbanned before they joined. Entry to Monday Night Commander will still be $5, and anyone can join regardless of membership in the voting community, but must still abide by the banlist. Below you’ll find the rules for the league and voting.

1. The current full banlist will be put up for a simple majority vote. Each card will either remain on the banlist or be removed. Any cards unbanned from the original WotC banlist may be proxied for the duration of the league.

2. Every other week, players may submit a card to be voted on for potential addition to the banlist. Cards must be submitted no later than Tuesday at 4pm. Polls will be created Tuesday at 5pm and be available for voting until Wednesday at 5pm.

3. Any card with the most nominations in a thread, to a minimum of two votes, will be automatically included for voting. This includes all cards tied for most nominations. Remaining cards will fill the ballot in a lottery system, based on number of nominations.

4. The most-voted card will be added to the Banlist and will be illegal in any part of a player’s 100-card deck.

Entry: $10
Start: Monday July 10th at 6pm