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RuneWars Escalation League

Welcome to Terrinoth! The path for you to take your place among the hallowed captains of epic battles lays out in front of you, and continues with new expansions for RuneWars!

The RuneWars escalation league requires players to sign up in pairs and split a copy of the RuneWars Core Set (or each can have their own). At their own pace, players assemble and paint their 100-point maximum armies, then play through three skirmish games following the scenario path outlined on the Adventure Cards, increasing the size of their army by 50 points for each scenario. After completing each scenario, players will receive an extended art prize card.
Game 1 - 100 Points: Extended Art Carrion Lancers
Game 2 - 150 Points: Extended Art Reanimate Archers
Game 3 - 200 Points: Extended Art Spearmen

Entry will be $5 for the league, and players will have two weeks to complete each scenario.

Entry: $5
Start: June 24th
Prizes: Extended Art Prize cards for Completing Each Scenario.

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