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Age of Sigmar Coalescence Narrative Event

The power of the Keystone Shards is awakening, and each Grand Alliance seeks to gather and bend them to their own designs. The great and terrible godbeast Eristrat is a vessel for the will of its master, and mighty deeds performed by the Realms' greatest heroes hold the power to resonate with the Shards. If enough are found and attuned, the beast can be unleashed to the whim of the favored alliance.

Welcome to Coalescence, an Age of Sigmar Global Narrative Event! The results of your battles to gain control of the Keystone Shards will have repercussions that echo across the Mortal Realms. 

Each player should bring 1500 points that can also be broken down into 1000 and 500 point lists, using Vanguard rules. Each player must have a model with the 'Hero' keyword to use as their general through each game. Players will join teams representing the Grand Alliances. A player may join any Grand Alliance Team, even if it does not match the team they brought.

In the story, each general is attempting to win favor with the Keystone Shard by performing awesome feats on the battlefield. While the battleplans have objectives that advance the story, winning a Major Victory in the scenario is just one of 7 feats that players can accomplish to attune the Keystone Shard to their alignment. Only one team member needs to accomplish any given objective to score it for the team. The Grand Alliance that performs the most feats in a Game Round becomes favored by the Keystone Shard for the next round. Whichever Grand Alliance has the highest score at the end attunes the Keystone Shard and wins!

Entry will be $10, and store credit will be split between the members of the winning Grand Alliance.

Entry: $10
Start: Noon
Format: 1500 Point List that can be broken down into 1000 and 500 Points / Must Bring 'Hero' Model to Use as General / 3 Rounds
Prizes: Store Credit Split Between Winners