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Age of Sigmar League Blowout Tournament

The forces of Khorne have been growing in power, and Sigmar calls on his Stormcast Eternals to take back the Mortal Realms from his clutches! Will you side with Chaos and attempt to crush Order? Do you wish to join forces with Death and rule over all? Or do you simply seek Destruction wherever you may find it?

Our Age of Sigmar Escalation League may be over, but we're sending it off in style with this Blowout Tournament! Run it back with your 1200 point army in three rounds of Swiss and see how you stack up against the competition at full power!

Entry Fee: FREE for League Members / $10
Start Time: 12pm
Prizes: Store Credit Based on Attendance
Format: 1200 points / 3 Rounds of Swiss
We will use the same rules as the Escalation League for army composition.

Later Event: May 13
Baron Munchausen RPG Event