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Unstable Un-Draft!

Unstable Draft Event Image.png

Goblins plink away at their contraptions, a crow storm looms on the horizon, and an army of squirrels threatens to overwhelm even the bravest among us. That can only mean one thing - Unstable is here!

It's been 13 Unbearably long years since the last Un-set, and we're not going to let this one pass by Unnoticed. We have an Unbelievable week planned for you, and Unless you hate fun, you won't want to miss it!

Unstable releases on December 8th, and we're going all out with an Unprecedented draft format! Here's the rUndown:

- Packs will be passed Right-Left-Right during the draft.
- For each card beyond the first in a pack, a single die that has sides of zero, one, and two will be rolled for the entire table. That number determines how many cards will be picked from the pack. For example, once each player has picked their first card from pack one and passed the pack to their right, one of the drafters or a judge will roll a die for the entire table. Say this die comes up two. That means the entire table will then choose two cards from their pack to add to their card pool. This process is repeated for each card pick beyond the first in all three packs.
- At the beginning of each game, one of the players will flip a coin, and the other player will roll a 4-sided die. On the coin, heads corresponds to 'plus' while tails means 'minus.' Both players will start with either plus or minus the amount of life indicated by the d4. For example, if a tails is flipped and a 2 is rolled, both players will start the game with 18 life, 2 less than normal.

This draft will replace our normal Standard Showdown.

Entry: $14 ½
Start: 7pm
Format: Unstable Un-Draft
Prizes: Earl of Squirrel Promos and Store Credit to Top Finishers Based on Attendance

Later Event: December 10
Unstable Un-Draft!