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Unstable Un-Modern!

Unstable Event Image.png

Goblins plink away at their contraptions, a crow storm looms on the horizon, and an army of squirrels threatens to overwhelm even the bravest among us. That can only mean one thing - Unstable is here!

It's been 13 Unbearably long years since the last Un-set, and we're not going to let this one pass by Unnoticed. We have an Unbelievable week planned for you, and Unless you hate fun, you won't want to miss it!

What kind of wacky brews can you devise in Modern when we're in Silver Border Land? Stock up on your Super Secret Techs and R&D's Secret Lairs, and get to building!

This tournament will follow the normal Modern format, but will allow any "Modern-legal" silver bordered cards (so no Unglued cards - they don't have a modern frame!).

Entry: $4 ½
Start: 7pm
Format: Un-Modern / Unhinged and Unstable Allowed
Prizes: Store Credit to Top Finishers Based on Attendance / One Pack of Modern Masters 2017 to First Place

Earlier Event: December 11
Unstable Un-Commander!
Later Event: December 15
Unstable Un-Draft!