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Magic Un-League: Unstable!

Unstable Event Image.png

You've played in our Magic Starter League, right? Well now it's time to get wacky. Join us for a special Unstable Un-League!

We'll be meeting each Monday night, but pick-up games anytime you're in the store are a great way to participate. Here's how the league works:

- Buy three boosters of Unstable for only $10 and use the cards to build a 30-card deck.

- The league runs for four weeks, and each week players can add a new booster pack of Unstable to their pool. Rebuild as often as you'd like!

- Play best-of-one games against other players in the league. After three losses you can also buy a "buff booster" to give you an edge against the competition. 

Entry: $10 for First Three Boosters
Duration: Monday, December 11th - Sunday, January 7th
Format: Un-League Sealed / Best-of-One Matches

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