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Final Fantasy Opus IV Prerelease

Final Fantasy TCG Event Image.png

Opus IV of the Final Fantasy TCG releases worldwide on December 1st, but we're the only store in Mississippi that has early access to host a prerelease just for you!

Get ready for the most explosive expansion to date with the arrival of meta-redefining Monster cards. Opus IV will feature many other exciting characters from your favourite Final Fantasy titles as well as four original cards! You’ll also have the chance to secure an exclusive, Limited edition, Cloud promo card.

This event will be 9 Pack Sealed format as found in the official Organized Play rules, copied here:

What is sealed? As in drafting you do not need to bring a constructed deck to play sealed. Every player needs X amount of boosters and builds a deck from those boosters. Every player should have those boosters contain of the same constellation of sets.

How does this work for the Final Fantasy TCG?

- You build your deck from 9 packs. This means everyone will end up 9x12 cards.
- The deck you build must contain at least 40 cards (down from 50).
- You can play as many copies of a card in that deck as you want.
- When playing, you lose the game after receiving 6 points of damage (down from 7)
- Backups produce CP of an element of your choice when dulled.

Players participating in the event will receive an exclusive Pre-Release Kit containing the following items:

-9x Opus IV Booster Packs
-Cloud Prerelease Exclusive Promo Card
-10-sided Die

We'll only be receiving 20 prerelease packs, so be here early to register so you don't miss out!

Entry: $35
Start: 2pm
Format: Final Fantasy TCG Opus IV Prerelease / 9-Pack Sealed
Prizes: Cloud Prerelease Exclusive Promo Card

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