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Yu-Gi-Oh! Spirit Warriors Win A Box

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The Six Samurai return! You already know the story of the Six Samurai and their legendary forebears. Now, take command of the warriors that support them from the shadows every step of the way! By using the new Extra Monster Zone with a brand-new “Six Samurai” Fusion Monster, you can control 6 “Six Samurai” monsters at the same time. If each of them is a different Attribute, you’ll be able to use a card that skips your opponent’s turn completely! These new “Six Samurai” cards are compatible with the classic “Six Samurai” cards as well, so you can build a brand-new Deck if you want to, or just dust off your old one and update it with new cards.

Are you ready to get your hands on a few packs from the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! set? How about an entire box? This is your chance to show you are the top duelist, so get your deck ready and compete to win a full box of Spirit Warriors!

Entry: $10
Time: 2pm
Format: Swiss / Cut to Top
Prizes: Box of Spirit Warriors to First Place / Additional Prizes Based on Attendance

Earlier Event: November 18
Imperial Summons - Legend of the Five Rings
Later Event: November 20
1v1 Commander