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$20 Final Fantasy TCG Draft

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First of all you may ask yourself: What is drafting? Drafting is a form of play in which no player brings his own constructed deck. You assemble a deck from a pool of cards you draft from during the drafting phase of the session.

1) Every player has X amount of sealed booster packs from the same set (or same sets if multiple are used).
2) When a draft round starts, you all open a pack from the same set, look through it and pick one of the cards in the pack.
3) You pass the rest of the pack over to the player sitting next to you. Everyone else will do this as well (of course in a unified direction). You will get passed a pack missing a card as well.
4) Repeat this until there are no cards left in this pack.
5) Repeat this for all the packs. Alternate directions for pasing packs. Start with left.
6) You end up with an amount of cards equal to the content of X packs.

How does this work for the Final Fantasy TCG?

1) You start your draft with 4 packs. This means everyone will end up 4×12 cards.
2) The deck you build after drafting must contain at least 40 cards (down from 50).
3) You can play as many copies of a card in that deck as you want.
4) When playing, you lose the game after receiving 6 points of damage (down from 7)
5) Backups produce CP of an element of your choice when dulled.

$20 gets you four packs of Opus III and entry into the tournament, where you'll duke it out in rounds of swiss or round robin. $5 store credit goes into the prize pool per player, to be payed out to top finishers!

Entry: $20
Start: 2pm
Format: Final Fantasy TCG Opus III Draft
Prizes: $5 Store Credit Per Player in Prize Pool Paid Out to Top Finishers / Participation Promo Laguna / Foil Laguna to Top Finishers

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