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Top Tier Gaming on Mos Eisley Radio
Posted on 07/20/14 by Jarrett | Comments: 0


I had the pleasure of going on a recent podcast with Zach from Mos Eisley Radio, a general Star Wars podcast. To check it out, go here!

Ready for Take Off
Posted on 07/14/14 by Jarrett | Comments: 0

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Ready for Takeoff, the first Force Pack in the upcoming Rogue Squadron cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game!
The battles of the Star Wars saga are fought on planets and in space. On solid ground, heroes like Han Solo and Leia Organa exchange blaster fire with nameless troopers, but in the freezing void of space, other heroes pilot starfighters through fierce combat and breakneck contests of skill and nerve. The fearless men and women of the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, and others develop new starfighters continually and pilot these experimental spaceships in battle.

Slow Updates
Posted on 07/07/14 by Jarrett | Comments: 1

The site may be a bit slow this week. I'll be in Las Vegas all week, and probably won't have much of a chance to update. We'll have regular updates once I return.


Dealing with Piracy
By Jarrett, 07/01/14
Heroes and Legends is not even released, yet everyone playing the Star Wars LCG has “The False Report” on their mind. The set is BURSTING with pla  [Read more...]

The Ever Evolving - It Binds All Things
By Justin, 07/01/14
This week I am taking a bit of a break from deck and meta-game analysis to discuss how I feel the game where the game is currently at, as a whole. I h  [Read more...]

The Ever Evolving - Lure of the Dark Side
By Justin, 07/01/14
“The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.” What an exciting week for the game.  A new set is   [Read more...]

The Ever Evolving - Exploring the Dark Trooper Project
By Justin, 07/01/14
"It's been a long time since I've challenged a man to battle. I'm glad my opponent is so worthy." ―General Mohc prepares to face Rebel agent Kyle K  [Read more...]

The Ever Evolving - Giving Solo Smugglers the First Shot
By Justin, 07/01/14
As a fan of the original trilogy, I know for a fact that Han Solo shot Greedo first in that dump of a cantina. With the release of Heroes and Legends  [Read more...]

The Ever-Evolving - What You Leave Behind
By Justin, 07/01/14
The store championship season for 2014 has come and gone. While the Echoes of the Force cycle has barely affected the season, it did leave it’s mark  [Read more...]

Fundamentals of Gameplay
By Forsy, 08/13/16
FUNDAMENTALS OF DECK COMPOSITION I - The game’s fundamental card/set function concepts. Board Control [D] Defense (Unit Disruption) -Unit Dam  [Read more...]

The Ever Evolving - Preparing for Store Championships
By Justin, 02/07/14
Well, it's that time of the year where competitive players around the globe will start playing for the glory of a Boba Fett playmat, alternate art Han  [Read more...]

Objective Spotlight - Corporate Exploitation
By Jarrett, 02/06/14
Corporate Exploitation (Core Set - 35) Red5ccg: Effectively spend 1 neutral resource to put a 0 or 1 cost unit into play. The ability to flash  [Read more...]

Objective Spotlight - Blue Squadron Support
By Jarrett, 01/28/14
Blue Squadron Support (Balance of the Force - 92) Lohkabre: I want to really like this card. Draw support is gold in this game, and being able  [Read more...]


Justin's Answer to the Meta
Side: Dark Side
By Justin, 07/11/14

Jedi Smuggler Mid-range Control
Side: Light Side
By Jarrett, 07/03/14

Big Tusken
Side: Dark Side
By Jarrett, 07/01/14

Playing the Game Like A Jedi
Side: Light Side
By Jarrett, 07/01/14

Bunch of BullSith
Side: Dark Side
By Kennyjman, 02/15/14

Set Harpoons!
Side: Light Side
By Kennyjman, 02/14/14

We Don't Need Their Scum
Side: Dark Side
By Avenger, 02/08/14

Thats No Moon
Side: Dark Side
By Avenger, 02/08/14

What the Hoth?!
Side: Dark Side
By Avenger, 02/08/14

The Planet That It's Fathest From...
Side: Dark Side
By Avenger, 02/07/14