Welcome to the Commander League!

We started this league as a way to swing our Monday Night Commander events away from strictly-competitive to an exercise in creative deck-building and politicking, and now we're ready for Part Two! The basic premise is that Commander players voted on the original Commander Banlist, then for the duration of the first league voted each week on a new card to ban. In preparation for Part Two, players re-voted on the entire banlist up to that point and continued to vote on new cards to ban every two weeks. 

Multiplayer tournaments utilizing the in-house banlist league run EVERY Monday at 6pm. Come out and test your mettle!

Entry: $5
Start: 6pm
Format: Commander
Prizes: $5 per knockout

Current Banlist (effective 10/6/19):

Note: Painter’s Servant is unbanned, Paradox Engine and Iona, Shield of Emeria are banned as of 7/8/19 per the Commander rules committee.


  • Gifts Ungiven

  • Library of Alexandria

  • Primeval Titan


  • Ad Nauseam

  • Ancestral Statue

  • The Chain Veil

  • Dakmor Salvage

  • Deadeye Navigator

  • Demonic Tutor

  • Dramatic Reversal

  • Flash

  • Food Chain

  • Humility

  • Lion's Eye Diamond

  • Mana Crypt

  • Necrotic Ooze

  • Protean Hulk

  • Stasis

  • Static Orb

  • Tangle Wire

  • Tooth and Nail

  • Triskelion

  • Winter Orb

  • Any Card on the Official Commander Banlist Not Specifically Allowed Above